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Filling now open!

The list of prompts can be found here, and fills are now open for 2016.

To fill a prompt, simply make a new post on this community with the following template:

Non-textual fanworks will need to be uploaded somewhere and linked to. Try Imgur or Tinypic for images, Soundcloud or Dropbox for audio, and Youtube or Vimeo for video.

You can also crosspost your fills to the LGBT Fest A03 collection.

Please note: If a specific identity is requested in a prompt, you may not deviate from that in your fill. For example, if you're filling a prompt for "lesbian Mary Sue", even if you don't use the word "lesbian" she still has to be a woman who is attracted solely to women. She can't be bisexual or pansexual, or identify as male.

  • There is a 300-word minimum for fanfiction fills.
  • There's no minimum size for fanart. Please don't draw on lined paper.
  • Fanmixes should include at least five songs.
  • Fanvids and audio (other than podfic) should be at least 30 seconds long.
  • Podfic should be at least 300 words. Please make sure you have permission (either explicit or blanket) before podficcing somebody else's work.
  • For any work type not listed here, go ahead and ask!

Community membership has been opened up so everyone can join and post. If you don't have a Dreamwidth account, now's the time to get one; you can't post anonymously.

Fills will remain open until August 31.

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