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Three Fills, Multiple Fandoms

Title: For The Research
Fandom: The Baby-Sitters Club
Rating: T
Fanwork type: Fanfic
Prompt: The Baby-Sitters Club; Mallory; Mal figures out her orientation by writing slash and femslash.
Notes: None!

“Ugh.” Mallory skimmed the front page of the Susan Starlight Fanfiction Archive. She’d read that one. And that one. And that one….

Reaching the bottom of the page, the idea suddenly popped into her head unbidden – if she wanted to read it, she realized, she ought to write it.


A blank word document and a blinking cursor taunted her nonstop for hours. With a groan, she closed her eyes and tried to conjure the words correctly.

Susan Starlight smiled benevolently over the girl’s prone body. She had worked so hard for the cause. She deserved to be praised for her work as extravagantly as possible…

Mallory blushed.

Where was this coming from?

And should she bother asking questions when it flowed so well?

She lowered her eyes to the page. She’d read smut, though she’d never admit that she’d done so to anyone else she knew. She supposed that it was the same, no matter whose tongue was going where.

Mallory kept her eyes on the page and concentrated on the fantasy. With that, the story wrote itself.


The twentieth well-reviewed fic left her laptop before Mallory started wondering what it was like to kiss a girl in real life. Surely it would be different, feel different, like brushing silk and moth cloth back over her ear.

She wanted to find out.

The fact that she actually wanted to find out was enough to make her feel like a thousand butterflies had been suddenly been released from her chest to rise up her throat, eating and striking and vibrating there. How would she even?

And with who? Who would she even ask?

Well, rose reason at the back of her mind, that was what the internet was for.

Sadly there wasn’t a Minotaur’s guide for how to date a girl, but Scarleteen was a help.


She was twenty-six when she got her own piece of fanfiction. Mallory raised an eyebrow. This was an entirely new twist on the theme, a surprising one as well.Tilting back the lid of the laptop, she showed Jessi the story. It was a self-insert RPS fic, in which fake-Mallory had a torrid evening with J.K. Rowling.

Jessi laughed. “Was there any fpreg?”

“Please don’t make me imagine that,” she said, and grumpily snuggled up to her girlfriend’s side as a new generation of fan writers were born.

Title: Likewise
Fandom: Brooklyn Nine Nine
Rating: K
Fanwork type: Fanfic
Prompt: Brooklyn Nine-Nine; Kevin Cozner/Ray Holt; Kevin and Ray would've liked to be parents, but adopting a child simply wasn't a possibility for two gay men when they were young. They made peace with not having a child a long time ago, but now that it's easier for gay men to adopt, will they reconsider their decision?
Notes: None

“Raymond. Would you mind telling me why we have a small pile of children’s books sitting on the duvet? Were you watching Terry’s children again?”

A mild bolt of chagrin lit Raymond’s mind as he took the small pile of brightly-colored chapbooks. “Leftovers from Officer Santiago’s appearance at PSA 544.”

“I see. Did it go well?”

“Exceedingly so. It seems that only two of them called her names. A world record…though she told me one of them put a chunk of gum in her hair.”

“Good for her. We ought to send along a fruit basket,” remarked Kevin. But when his eyes lingered for a long time on the books, Raymond cocked an eyebrow and asked him what he was so focused upon.

“Children’s books,” Kevin said, patting them lightly, almost reverently. “I never thought that I’d ever be in the same room with them, let alone touching them.”

Ray’s look turned bittersweet. “We’d been over the notion again and again, hadn’t we?”

“But there wasn’t a way.”

“Until now. You know adoption laws been relaxed in the bounds of New York for ages now. I must confess, the idea’s been in the back of my mind as I watched the legislation move from desk to desk.”

Kevin sighed and put the book down. “On mine, too. Dear God, I’d love to know what sort of child might put up with the ridiculous madness that is our lives.”

“Surely someone with superior nerves and an excellent sense of humor.”

Kevin smiled at Ray’s assessment. “You understand that I adore you, which is the only reason I’m even contemplating the idea of opening up this wound.”

“I know. And I know exactly what your next request will be –we test the child to make sure he or she will get along well with Cheddar.”

“Of course,” Kevin said. “No tail pullers or ear yankers in my household!”

Ray sat down beside Kevin, wrapped an arm around his husband. “You’re my everything.”

“Likewise, my dear. Likewise.”

Title: The Right Woman
Fandom: The Emperor's New Groove
Rating: K
Fanwork type: Fanfic
Prompt: The Emperor's New Groove; Yzma; her ideal henchman is sexy, smart and female. Why doesn't anybody like that ever show up for a job interview? (hint: totally open for a story where someone does!)
Notes: None

Yzma had no idea why it was so hard to hire help these days.

One girl had no qualifications.

The second girl had qualifications but couldn’t manage a single pull-up to save her life. How the heck could Yzma trust her to heave her onto her back and carry her through a hail of spears, angry pumas or restless llama?

The third girl was absolutely miserable at applying herself to the requirements of the job. It was probably her sense of timing and her sense of humor, but she had all of the personality of a wooden block.

“Why,” Yzma asked the wall as she rubbed her aching temples, “do I feel as though I’m living through Goldilocks and the Three Llamas?”

“Well, y’ remember how the story goes!” Kronk burbled cheerfully. “One’s too soft, one’s too hard – so the next one’s gonna be just right!” He frowned. “I think so, anyway.”

“Please stop talking, Kronk.”

“But I want you to find the gal of your dreams!” he insisted. “Everyone desserves to be happy, and I’m sure there’s a lady out there who finds scary beyond all reason….I wanna say cute?”

Yzma groaned.

The ‘next one’ was a reporter with a flashbulb and a sense of righteous anger about Yzma’s apparent abuse of the ‘little people’ in her words. Lively, but not quite suited for the job.

When Kronk escorted her out of the building, there was a woman doing push-ups against the base of the palace. She’d been hoping to audition, it seemed, but she lost track of time trying to beat her wind sprint record.

Kronk pointed eagerly at the woman as she went over her qualifications and her athletic prowess. She was smart enough to remember the names of the Emperors going all the way back to several generations before Kuzco’s birth.

That was when Yzma threw a curveball into the mix.


The orange she pitched was caught, hard and fast.

“I think I’m in love,” Yzma sighed.

The woman was named Pandi and they went on to own a very prosperous llama milk ranch on Yzma’s retirement.

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