Trick Or Treat 2017 Letter

Sep. 17th, 2017 08:34 pm
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(Edited 9/21 to add my favorite ships, in case you're looking to make a shippy gift. My statement that I'd love to receive any ship I didn't list as a DNW still stands, though!)

Thank you for writing/drawing for me! I've requested art and fic for all fandoms/ships, and I've tried to leave art-suitable prompts for all of them as well--but I'm not an artist, so feel free to leave an anon comment or contact me through the mods if you want more details.

I'm within_a_dream on AO3, and I have a tag of previous letters if you want to see what I've requested in past exchanges. 
Note: I love all my requests equally, so please don't take length of prompts as indication of which ones I prefer! It's 100% an indication of which ones I had earlier prompts I could copy/paste and/or which ones belong to canons I watched/read/listened to recently, and 0% an indication of which ones I want more/less.

I love gen, f/f, m/m, het, and polyships, and feel free to include your favorite friendships and ships in your gift--I have very few NOTPs, and those that I do have are listed. If you write or draw smut, I will love literally any kink that's not in my DNW list! Also, I'm totally down for any trans headcanons you have being included in your gift.

My prompts this year are very spooky, but you don't have to follow them if you'd prefer to write something more canon-compliant or less fantastical! 

DNWs: pregnancy/childbirth (I'm fine with mentions, but would prefer no details described in fic or pregnant characters shown in art), oviposition, PIV sex

Treat-type likes: Accidental Baby Acquisition, kidfic in general, characters dressing up fancy (or going undercover in situations that require costumes), celebrating anniversaries or holidays

Trick-type likes: Supernatural creatures (especially ghosts and fairies), spending the night in a haunted house on a dare/for a prize/etc, trauma and recovery, the Comes Back Wrong trope, injuries and gore (seriously, if you're into it, get as violent as you want)

Smut-type likes: Pretty much anything under the BDSM umbrella (especially informal kink), noncon (especially Fuck or Die), crossdressing, sex toys, gunplay (or other weaponsplay), awkward sex

Benjamin January Mysteries - Barbara Hambly
Characters Requested: Any (Benjamin January, Rose Vitrac January, Abishag Shaw, Hannibal Sefton, Ayasha January)

Ships I like: Ben/Rose, Ben/Rose/Hannibal, Ben/Hannibal, Ben/Shaw, Ben/Ayasha, Ben/Rose/Ayasha, Ben/Rose/Hannibal/Ayasha

Any of the characters investigating a supernatural-flavored mystery would be lovely. Maybe there's a ghostly hitchhiker on the streets of New Orleans, or a strange creature lurking out on the bayous? Perhaps someone accidentally summons a ghost (possibly Ayasha's ghost)? Or you could inflict a loup-garou or a zombie apocalypse on the cast. 

Dark Matter - Michelle Paver
Characters Requested: Any (Gus Balfour, Jack Miller, The Gruhuken Ghost)

I'd love to see Jack processing what happened at Gruhuken (possibly combined with a Jack-lives AU where they end up dealing with the trauma together), or a gift where Gus is trapped as a ghost at Gruhuken after his death (you can either leave him there, or have Jack rescue his soul). I also love the atmosphere of the novel, and would love to see the ghost's effects on OCs or a crossover with any of the characters from my fandoms somehow ending up at Gruhuken (or encountering an AU version of the Gruhuken ghost in their own locale).

Les Miserables - Victor Hugo
Characters Requested: Marius, Cosette, Eponine

Ships I like: Marius/Cosette, Cosette/Eponine, Marius/Cosette/Eponine, Marius/any Ami, Marius/Javert

This is a great canon for ghosts, seeing as the vast majority of the cast is dead by the end ;) I'd also love a supernatural AU--there are some great vampire!Marius posts floating around Tumblr, or maybe Eponine survives the barricades by virtue of being some sort of supernatural creature? I have an unending need for post-canon Cosette fic as well (and if you do an Eponine-lives AU to allow for Cosette/Eponine(/Marius), so much the better).

The Magnificent Seven (2016)
Characters Requested: Any (Goodnight Robicheaux, Billy Rocks, Vasquez, Joshua Faraday, Sam Chisolm, Red Harvest, Emma Cullen, Teddy Q)

Ships I like: Faraday/Vasquez, Goody/Billy, Faraday/Chisolm, Faraday/Teddy Q

I'd love ghost fic featuring the canonically-dead characters, or some-chars-live/everyone-lives AUs that focus on recovery (I know there's a lot of post-Rose Creek recovery fic out there, but I can never get enough). I'd also love to see any of the characters taking on a more supernatural problem than in the movie, whether in an AU adding supernatural elements to the Bogue conflict or a post-canon fic where the gang takes on a new problem that turns out slightly more paranormal than expected.

Silly porn prompt: I would love either a full-cast orgy or a Faraday-gets-gangbanged gift

Wolf 359
Characters Requested: Doug Eiffel, Renee Minkowski, Isabel Lovelace, Hera
Fandom-Specific DNW: Fluffy Hilbert/Eiffel (I love them as noncon or with a hatesex/hatemance vibe, though!)

Ships I like: Minkowski/Lovelace, Hera/Maxwell, Eiffel/any combo of Minkowsky, Hera, and/or Lovelace, Eiffel/Hilbert

Note: I haven't listened to the Lovelace special episode yet, but I will have finished it by gift reveals.

Some of my favorite episodes have been the ones leaning on horror tropes, and I'd love to see some space horror. Enough bad things have gone down on the Hephaestus for it to be haunted, and I'd love to see the team running into some ghosts. I also lovelovelove the Lovelace reveal and what we've seen of its impact on everyone, and would love a gift focused on that. (I'd also be really into some whump or gore focusing on Lovelace, or perhaps Eiffel, recovering from should-be-fatal injuries, if that's your thing). 

Silly porn prompts: the latest episodes have given me a craving for Eiffel being dommed by Minkowski, Lovelace, Hera, or any combination of the three. And I always want zero-G sex for any ship! AI smut is also lovely (I could see Hera either being good at dirty talk or hilariously bad at it, or maybe she can bring parts of the Hephaestus into the fun).

Characters Requested: Rufus Carlin, Lucy Preston, Wyatt Logan
Fandom-Specific DNW: Lucy/Wyatt as a standalone ship (although I'm cool with them as part of a larger poly ship)

Ships I like: Rufus/Lucy/Wyatt, Lucy/Jiya, Rufus/Jiya

I really want some more time travel shenanigans. I'd love to see the characters meeting up with more historical figures, and I'd especially love it if you can throw them into some more non-US history (feel free to justify this as much or as little as you want). I also have a ridiculous desire for some smut involving historical characters--either the ones the team has already met (maybe Lucy and Wyatt have a fourway with Bonnie and Clyde to distract them, or Rufus makes out with Hemingway), or your favorite historical figure that hasn't been featured on the show. (If you take me up on the historical smut, I'm okay with PIV sex for this fandom.) I also love the costuming aspect of the time travel, so if you're an artist, I would love to see any of the characters in your favorite historical garb.

American Gods (TV)
Characters Requested: Laura Moon

Ships I like: Laura/Audrey, Laura/Shadow, Laura/Mad Sweeney, Laura/Shadow/Mad Sweeney

I've read the novel, so feel free to draw on book-canon details in your gift if you want! Also, I'm okay with PIV sex for this fandom

I love resurrection plots, so Laura is the character of my dreams. I would really love to see some more details on the effects of Laura's death and undeath (the visuals in the show were so cool, and I'd especially love to see more of them in art), and if you want to get weird with some corpse smut, I won't say no! I'm also really into Laura/Audrey, especially in an AU where Laura cheats with Audrey instead of/in addition to Robbie. 


Sep. 12th, 2017 11:29 pm
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I'm going to see Wrath of Khan on the big screen tomorrow! It is being shown tomorrow and a few days ago for the 35th anniversary. I just found out about this before work today, and I cannot believe how little advertising it's gotten, grrr. But whatever, my manager is actually letting me come in late so I can go watch it. !!!!!!! Yeah, gonna have to love her forever for this. This is my favorite movie of all time :swoon: 

If anyone is interested - Wrath of Khan on Fandango. We (or I) will be discussing this on Terror for sure. So excited! 

Preacher finale!! (no spoilers)

Sep. 12th, 2017 01:34 pm
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Life and death. Good and evil. I did not expect this show to get so deep and real. I did not expect Preacher’s finale to be as good as it was, but it was filled with so many heart stopping moments, I had to come talk about it for a second. My heart is still pounding and the taste of tears is still in the back of my throat. Jesus effing Christ on a cross, I was not prepared for that in the best way.

Cassidy....just Cassidy. He took a journey that was, again, not what I was expecting. Definitely my favorite part of the episode. One fight scene was hilarious poetry in motion, the other was gut wrenching. So many times I found myself clutching my hands in front of my face and at one cliffhanger moment, I swear it felt like my heart stopped. When did I get so invested in these characters?!

Also, I am very interested in what’s going on in Hell and hope they follow through with that next season. Okay, I need to go calm down before work, sheesh.

BTW, I have been catching up your all’s posts, but no, not leaving many comments yet. I suck, I know :-/ But I’m just happy to be getting back in the swing of things. Have a good day, everyone!  

Oh, and I didn't lose power last night, though many people did and there are trees down all over Charlotte :-/ I thank Murphy's Law - I over prepared, so of course nothing happened, lol. 

Fall television and Netflix

Sep. 11th, 2017 01:27 pm
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Voltron - still haven't rewatched the first seasons, but that's top of my list. 
AHS Cult - it's probably going to traumatize me, but after a few years away, I'm planning to give this new season of American Horror Story a chance. 
Defenders - I recently admitted to myself that for the most part, I don't like the Netflix section of the MCU. I never finished watching season 2 of DD, Luke Cage, or Iron Fist. But I will watch the Defenders so at least to have an opinion to share with Marvel Friend, LJ'ers and people at conventions. 
Agents of Shield - oh yeah, very excited and planning to review it. Fingers crossed that I have the time. 
Inhumans - I had hopes, but have heard very bad things about the movie. But I'll still watch it in case it crosses with AOS. 
Once Upon a Time - I am not planning to watch. The trailer I've seen was...not to my liking. And no, I still haven't watched the finale, and may not. Because I'm like that sometimes. 
Lucifer - planning to watch for sure. 
Orville - this is the new show I'm most excited about. It looks like so much fun, and has an actress from Eureka and Bobby from AOS. 
Star Trek Discovery - No. I'm fine with watching real Star Trek on Amazon, thank you. (And now I have Orville.)
Rebels - I'm as nervous as I am excited. People are going to die and it's going to break my heart. If I can, I will definitely review.
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First - to my friends in Florida and other parts of Irma's path, I hope you're okay and safe. My prayers have been with you over the weekend. 

Second - if anyone's been wondering if I was kidnapped on my eclipse adventure, I wasn't, lol. I've just been in a very quiet, self-focused mood, working a lot mentally, emotionally, and physically on my self, with good results IMO. But I'd really like to come out of this shell now and reconnect with you all. It'll be in little steps, probably though. I know I said this last post, but then life happened again, lol. 

Weather - The effects of Irma have arrived in the form of cold wind and rain. I'm prepared to lose power tonight, as all it takes around here is a stiff wind, and they're still saying tornadoes could form. 

Metal health -  I'm good, had some ups and down as usual, but really, I think I've turned a corner over here. I'm just feeling really quiet. 

Education - I had a master's acupressure workshop a week ago, that I spent the time since the eclipse cramming for. It went very well. I also started studying/practicing Qi Gong and went back to taking ballet classes. 

Physical health - I've had to go back to eating pork and poultry due to.....needing more fat and protein I guess. I'm still weight training, and with the ballet, wow. I'm always hungry, but I've finally started to gain weight, and am closing in on 150 pounds for the first time in my life. I also have more endurance at work, which is very nice. 

TV Watching - Twin Peaks....just Twin Peaks, man. My mind has been through something real and amazing. Nothing could ever compare to it, and I will probably spend the rest of my life thinking about it. 

New show - Orville!! It's everything I hoped it would be, very fun with a good production level. 

Writing - all over the place - some fics to [community profile] who_contest , and a lot of writing/plotting/world building for Grey World and a new idea for a comedy series.  

I know this was short, but I plan to expand on some of this in individual posts. Take care, everyone. I hope your all's week got off to a good start, weather not withstanding. Love and HUGS xoxo