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I completely forgot that today is Friday because I've spent the day playing Stardew Valley with** E.

** where "with" means he reminds me of the time in-game, points out the copper nodes and minerals in the mine, and gets super excited and yell-y about how many fish I've managed to catch with silver or gold star quality.

Dream Daddy successfully launched! I was excited because of it being a queer dating sim but I'm actually really pleased with the game. It's $15 and you can find the game on steam at the following link: [Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator on Steam].

The mini games caught me by surprise and since I don't play a lot of dating sims I don't know if they're a standard feature. Other wise it's cute and a lot of fun.

I actually feel really bad for Joseph. Even if he doesn't end up being the dad I romance in-game, I really hope things improve for him. D:

Update: where did I leave my brain?

Jul. 17th, 2017 12:15 pm
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Ahhhhhhhh I am as relaxed and irritation free as one should be after a vacation. Unfortunately,  my brain is refusing to cooperate with me after so much action. I got home last night around five and immediately started working on a short story for publication.

Watched Twin Peaks, wrote some more, freaked out over the new Doctor, and went to bed. I slept really late and have been trying to get something done for posting to Terror or here, but so far, I'm just fumbling around, lol. I think I'll eat, get some tea in me, go over my notes from the weekend and try again in an hour or two.  Thankfully, I don't work until 6 tonight. 

Big prelim news though - Timothy Zahn was very friendly, and in a workshop he really liked one of my ideas :huge grin swoon:  I met a  couple localish writer/Twin Peaks fans that are now FB friends.  I learned some awesome info for writing and a few neat things about Star Wars. 

Talk to you all later, love and hugs! 

Welp, damn.

Jul. 16th, 2017 04:56 pm
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I guess we're going back to watching Doctor Who.

Fuck. That means we've got to get caught up!

Con update

Jul. 15th, 2017 05:04 pm
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 Holy Cow, with the exception of one hour to go get autographs, I've been in the same chair all day, 9:30-5. Yeah, at least I'm not racing around between hotels missing half the panels I wanna go to. But also, chairs suck! The last workshop found me sitting on the floor, to escape the pain. I don't know how nine to fivers live like this, ugh. No wonder you get lots of vacations and health coverage-you need it more!

But again, so very happy to be in this workshop. now an hour to try and eat before panel on writing martial arts scenes. Tonight, I should get to see the goth band from Con Carolinas that I liked so much. I'll babble about awesome Zahn is when I'm on a real keyboard. 

Love and Hugs


Jul. 14th, 2017 11:46 pm
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Whew, I made it. I was running late, so I didn't check into the hotel or unpack my car for three hours, but I made it to my first panel, a Q&A with Timothy Zanh, literally a minute before it began. And I am so glad I didn't give up hope to make it on time because it was great. He's got two sequels to Thrawn in the works, but has to wait until season 4 of Rebels sets more canon. Also, found out he wrote Thrawn to be a prequel of sorts for Rebels season 3.

writing worships with Zahn and Stackpole have been totally worth the money so far. And I've found one person to talk about Twin Peaks with - one of the writer guests I've met at Con Carolinas. Also, there's a Twin Peaks panel on Sunday - cannot wait!    

Now, going to bed early cause I am wiped. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 
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Today I'm going to be sharing my most read fanfic authors with you. These are the authors that I consistently read new material from and whose stories I reread the most.

links: [AO3 profile] [tumblr]

I discovered notbecauseofvictories via Star Wars - specifically by stumbling across a reblogged post from her poverty-line midwest AU [tumblr tag link]. Her Star Wars stories are my favorite and the easiest for me to fall in love with because of my long love affair with Star Wars itself but I've also enjoyed her story wild peaches [AO3 link], featuring Sarah after her encounter with the Goblin King in the Labyrinth, and Short Street to Kicklebury [AO3 link], a short and sweet story of the Understanding and marriage of Sybil Ramkin and Samantha "Sam" Vimes.

ink-splotch / dirgewithoutmusic
links: [AO3 profile] [tumblr]

Ink-splotch came onto my radar via their original writing as E. Jade Lomax and their series Leagues and Legends [author website link], the story of Jack Farris and his friends and what it means to be a hero in a world where heroes aren't necessarily commonplace but are definitely well known. It actually took me a while to get around to reading about Jack but, in the meantime, I did read many of ink-splotch's Harry Potter stories! My favorite is the series we must unite inside her walls or we'll crumble from within [AO3 link], which features stories of the ladies of Hogwarts - Cho Chang, Hannah Abbott, Parvati Patil, Ginny Weasley, Pansy Parkinson, Andromeda Tonks, Susan Bones, and Luna Lovegood.

links: [AO3 profile]

Lalaietha is one of my favorite MCU authors; I love the way they write each character's perspective - Clint, in particular. Their writing has a beautiful flow to it and it's so easy to get lost in and I'm always excited to click the link for the next chapter. It's wonderful. My favorite series to link to people is Ten Thousand Things [AO3 link], which is all of Lalaietha's A:TLA stories. The depiction of Katara, Zuko, and Mai's relationship is superb.

links: [AO3 profile] [tumblr]

There's nothing for the itch of found families quite like Scifigrl's MCU stories. Bringing us the wackiness of the Toasterverse [AO3 link] and the lovable hijinks of DJ Stark in Tales of the Bots [AO3 link], Scifigrl will have you smiling and crying before the story is over. What I love best about her writing is the characterization of everyone in the story and how their interactions feel natural.

links: [AO3 profile] [tumblr]

Copperbadge has a knack for steamy romance in loving, respectful relationships and some of the best characterization I've ever seen - no matter what AU you drop him into his Tony will always be Tony. His White Collar stories [AO3 link] are particularly good for steamy romance and The Foodieverse [AO3 link], in conjunction with Scifigrl47, is fun and interesting even if you're not a foodie. Copperbadge has so many AUs going on and is so prolific as a writer and I have no idea how he manages it but it's beautiful and I don't care.

That's a wrap for the list and thank you for your time! If you find a story by anyone on this list let me know so I can squee with you! And if you have any recommendations for me feel free to share. Looking forward to hearing from you. ^-^
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Spouse!C linked me to this; Jotun, "a hand-drawn action-exploration game set in Norse mythology," is free to download this weekend (and keep forever) from both Steam and GOG as part of a celebration and promotion for Thunder Lotus' new game Sundered, launching July 28th, 2017.

[a link to Jotun: Valhalla Edition's page on the Steam store website]

[a link to Jotun: Valhalla Edition's page on the GOG store website]

I haven't played the game before and I'm downloading it myself for the first time today; I've been lured in by the pretty art and the female protagonist and I think it's worth taking a shot in spite of the mixed reviews. It's free after all. What's the harm?
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(When you totally space that it's Friday... did the trash get taken out!?)

I decided a few weeks ago that I wanted to have themed days where I could work on something specific that would further whatever goals I have. This started off with me putting "Fanart Fridays" on my Habitica as a weekly task because I'm trying to encourage myself to draw more often. If I want to be an artist, someone who can draw, I have to draw, right?

And I realized that this approach wouldn't work for me because I was making it too specific in regards to fandom - would I post fics on Thursday then? Recc list Mondays? I'm not a content generating machine! Ideas, yeah, sure... but actual content? Hahah, omg, no.

So I switched it up to Fanwork Friday and now I can post anything fandom related on one dedicated day a week! (Look, it makes sense in my brain, okay?)

Today is the official start of Fanwork Fridays and I'm going to start off easy with a simple recc list in my next post.

The baby bird story

Jul. 11th, 2017 01:16 pm
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 A friend's recent post reminded me to tell you all about the baby bird encounter. Late Sunday afternoon, I'm going into the YMCA, and there's a small tree next to the entrance. One the sidewalk nearby is a baby bird chirping away, in the trying to get attention/I need help kind of way. So I go over and sit down on the step and am like "Hi baby bird, what's up?" It hops over to me, closer and closer, still chirping.

I am very surprised and elated, as a freaking wild bird is hopping over to me, ya know? then I remember the old story that if you handle a baby bird it's mother will abandon it, so making sure there was still space between it and my shoe, I asked it again what was wrong. And it looked up at me and freaking opened its mouth as wide as it would go! Instantly, I'm happy, sad, shocked, and thinking of what I have in the car, which is only chips and salsa. And, lol, for an instant I wonder if I can get it into my hand and if I can get a chip into a form that a baby bird can consume before I realize I can't feed a freaking wild baby bird, what am i gonna do, chew up a chip and spit it into it's mouth like I'm a Ferengi mother?! Ahahahaha! 

And then I felt really bad and embarrassed at my predicament. So I apologized to the baby bird and it hopped away, still chirping for someone to feed it.  I have to assure myself that it's mother was just taking longer than usual coming back with food. 

In other animal news, Marvel Friend's puppy dachshund thinks it can fly, and it is the cutest thing ever when he flings himself off the couch arm into empty space, little legs in Superman position. I don't understand why he hasn't got a cape yet, but I will fix that soon. 


Jul. 10th, 2017 09:35 pm
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No, its not you, I've been absent again. Last week was stressful at work, as usual, so I've been buried in fandom. But things are better for the moment :fingers crossed:. 

Besides work sucking my soul and arm muscles away, I had a mass electronics failure last week, thankfully not Photobucket related. My sonic toothbrush quit, my tablet, my car radio, and I dropped my phone, giving it a second crack. 

I got a new phone last night, an IPhone, and am very happy. it was also with minimal fuss because Best Buy. And since I could stop service to the tablet, which I don't really really need if I have an IPhone, there's almost no change in my monthly bill. Also, glad to finally be getting away from Samsung products. I plan to buy an Amazon tablet, which is so much cheaper and all I need. 

I was able to get all my photos off photobucket. I supposed it's cause I haven't shared anything from there to LJ in over a year. I've been using Dropbox, and now dreamwidth's cloud. 

Read more... )